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Rotes Einhorn: Our History

A ruin at first

Alfred and Emilie Wolski, the parents of today's owner Birgit Boddenberg, acquired the Alte Brauhaus in Düren at a compulsory auction in 1966. The name Altes Brauhaus was unfortunately very accurate, as it was a dilapidated old brewery with a pub.

Therefore, the original buildings were demolished by 1968. Alfred Wolski built two guest rooms, two nine-pin bowling alleys, a social room, a kitchen as well as toilet facilities and a boiler room in its place.

With little budget and a lot of manual work and diligence, Alfred Wolski laid the foundation for today's Rote Einhorn. However, he and his wife did not run the Alte Braus in Düren themselves, instead they leased it out.

Predecessor of the Rotes Einhorn

Modernising the Old Brewery

Birgit Boddenberg im Alten Brauhaus Düren
Damalige Einrichtung im Alten Brauhaus

For many years, the Alte Brauhaus in Düren was run successfully by the tenants. Unfortunately, the momentum ended at the end of the eighties and the inn was increasingly run down.

Therefore, at only 21 years of age and directly after her training as a hotel manageress, Birgit Boddenberg started her own business and, together with her husband at that time, took over the Alte Brauhaus Düren in 1989.

From that moment on, something was always added, renovated or changed.

In 2001, the first social room was built, as well as the five upper hotel rooms.

The next big step followed in 2006: the adjoining buildings were raised, the brewery got a new roof truss and so the old attic flat was turned into 20 hotel rooms.

Gasthof zum Alten Brauhaus in Düren anno 2001

Loyal Companions

A heart for horses

In addition to the many changes to the hotel building, the old Stables were modernised and the Riding ground was created.

Horses and ponies were loyal companions of the Red Unicorn. Up to 20 found their home on the grounds, especially noble Welsh ponies and Rhinelanders.

In the year 2009 a winter garden was added, the sheds were converted into garages and the car park was repaved.

Courage to try new Things

The birth of Rotes Einhorn

Despite all the modernisation: The space around the main building was and is limited. Another hotel was to provide further capacity. The Alte Post in Birgel, already acquired in 1992 and since then converted into mechanics' accommodation, was completely demolished.

It was replaced by a modern 4 Stars Hotel in Düren, with 33 spacious rooms, a wellness area, a fitness room and a breakfast room.

This was the birth of the Rotes Einhorn! In 2017, the 4-star new building was inaugurated with a big celebration. eröffnet.

Richtfest für den Neubau Rotes Einhorn im Jahr 2016

Rotes Einhorn Düren

Always achieve the best

In 2020, the modernisation at the main building was supposed to be continued. The 9-pin bowling alley had already been demolished, but the the Corona pandemic came and with it an unplanned closure of the restaurant.

However, this forced break also had one advantage: The new function room with terrace, the Playground, the pond and the outdoor enclosure with rabbits, goats and climbing rocks could be completed in all peace and quiet.

One should always make the best out of bad situations: When in autumn 2020 the Restaurant had to be closed again because of Corona, Birgit Boddenberg also had the kitchen und the already existing function rooms renovated.

With the new function room and outdoor facilities already ready for use in summer 2021, the opening ceremony was held in October 2021. Thanks to the modernisation measures, all guests of the Red Unicorn can now enjoy new facilities and premises.

Rotes Einhorn would like to thank all companies and craftsmen, who have been part of the numerous construction projects and modernisations.

It can't be done alone

Our Team

Rotes Einhorn in Düren - das Team

Yet most important in the entire history of the Rotes Einhorn were and are always the employees.

Without them, none of this would have been possible. Our deepest gratitude is therefore due to all those who have worked or are working in the Old Brewery and the Rotes einhorn.

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As you can see from this brief look at our history, Rotes Einhorn stands for personality, individuality and the courageto always strive for the best for our guests, even in adverse times. Convince yourself - during a stay in our Hotel or by visiting our restaurant. The team of the Rotes Einhorn warmly welcomes you.